Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sewing Lesson #1

Lesson #1: Be sure to leave enough fabric beyond your stitch

Here's a fun story that demonstrates the importance of the above-mentioned lesson. Recently, my husband and I took a trip to visit his family in Orange County that happened to fall on Easter weekend. I had just completed my super cute blue dress and was so excited to be going somewhere warm to wear it.

Easter Sunday rolls around and I have two blue dresses that I packed for the occasion. One of the blue dresses I brought was the one I recently had sewn (below). I always pack a  few options so that I can have some wardrobe choices while I travel. I went back and forth about which one to wear all morning. I felt like I would be showing off a little if I wore the one I made, but then again, I was proud of it and was excited to wear it, so I ended up settling on the idea that it wasn't showing off, but wearing something that I had made with my two hands - and that's cool!

And cute, right?!

So we get to Easter church service and it's just a wonderful morning. Seeing Kyle's family and church friends is always a warm experience. Worship was beautiful, music led by Uncle Gary, and the whole family was there. Awesome!

And then some lady sitting behind me taps on my shoulder...she says, "you may not want to stand up again." I have this blank look on my face. She explains, "There's a hole in the back of your dress." I reach back, and sure enough, I feel a massive hole right over my butt crack. True story. Seriously, right. over. my. BUTT CRACK. The terrifying realization that I had been exposing my bottom in the sanctuary rushed over me. I was horrified. I took my husband's suit coat and wore it out of the building, walking (running) out as fast as I could.

So, sewing lesson number 1: leave enough fabric beyond the stitch so you don't flash all the nice people at church.


  1. That is so funny...and terrifying. I overheard some of this when you were talking to the girls, but the whole story is epic! The dress is just super cute though!

  2. Funny story...but the dress is cute anyway! I wanted to let you know you are Blog of the Week at Sew-Licious Craft Showcase this week. Congratulations and thank you for participating!