Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Catching Up

Hi, all! I know it's been awhile, and for that I am truly sorry. I think I overestimated the number of entries I could tackle per week. Between my two part time jobs and being a full time mommy, there's just not a lot of excess.

I have been thinking about delving into the world of vlogging as an alternative with occasional short blog posts here, so let me know what you think of that idea.

Just a few updates (in bullet form, bc hey, I'm crunched for time!):

  • I am working at an arts and science high school in northern California - it is THE BEST job
  • I just performed the role of Laurey in California Regional Theatre's production of Oklahoma!

  • I am a part time work-at-home stylist - it is also THE BEST job
  • James is 8 months old! Almost 9! He is crawling, laughing all the time, and just a JOY

  • Kyle is a faculty member at the local university
  • We are getaways since this will be the first summer we both have teacher schedules - hoorah!
What's new with you? Some upcoming blog or vlog posts:
  • Outlet mall shopping haul
  • Gardening progress
  • Decorating and spring crafting
  • Beautiful wedding ideas
  • Actor headshot sessions
Keep posted for more soon! 


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