Monday, January 11, 2016

Top 3 Ways to Tackle Craft Supply Storage

I wish I had a before picture to show you because my craft storage was ridiculous. It was like a toddler had tried to organize my craft supplies...wait...

Anyway, this space needed help. This was my failed attempt to prove to my husband that I need an entire craft room. I thought surely all this crap wouldn't fit on the one dedicated wall shelving unit for craft supplies. I was wrong.

Here are my top 3 fail-proof suggestions for tackling craft supply storage, sure to keep wives everywhere from having a dedicated craft room. Get organized!

#1: Install shelving

My husband installed these shelves the week we moved into our home (two years ago) and I'm just now organizing them. I think we got them from Home Depot for around $15. Easy to install and heavy duty!

#2: Pick-up a few Dollar Tree clear plastic containers and bins

I bought several Dollar Tree containers (spent maybe 10-15 bucks) plus a set of drawers from Target (about 6 bucks) to organize tape, glue, paper, pens, scissors, etc., and it was a wonderful decision. I created labels out of my scrapbook paper and attached with simple scotch tape.

#3: Purchase a few square canvas  containers

These are kind of expensive, which is why I have four and why only two of them are the really nice faux leather ones. I keep extra outlets and electrical supplies in one of the leather ones, sketchbooks in the other, current projects I'm working on in one of the cream color boxes, and fabric and felt pieces in the other.

I've seen a lot of convoluted ways of organizing craft supplies, but this method is 3 steps and takes up one wall space in the house.

Next on the agenda for this office/extra bedroom space is a makeover. Watch out for a future post on this room redesign. I'm going to attempt to sew a duvet cover.



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