Wednesday, February 10, 2016

DIY: chalkboard sign for large mantle

I've been in love with chalkboard signs for awhile now and had been plotting a way to purchase a large chalkboard with cool frame for our mantle until I saw the price tag: approx. $40-100 bucks for one I really liked.

Then one day around Thanksgiving, I was browsing Big Lots and saw this:

The dimensions of the exact framed artwork I found were a bit taller in height than this, but I snagged it for $30, took it home, and painted two coats of black chalkboard paint over the artwork (I used a very small bottle of paint and a craft sponge - CHEAP!), and this is what my DIY chalkboard frame looked like at Christmas:

After Christmas, I moved it to the entryway and now it looks like this:

Words to live by, right? That Jane Austen...



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