Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thrifty Thursday: Organization Round-up

A few weeks ago I asked readers what they would like to see on the blog and most wanted to see organization solutions for storing crafts and everyday supplies. This is a dilemma I have been working on too, so I will likely be posting on the topic again soon. 

My first task was to find a way to store all my wrapping paper, gift bags, ribbons, and craft materials. The craft materials alone were taking up TONS of space. So here are my solutions: 

Use a garment bag to store wrapping supplies!

 I hung the gift bags from the hanger and the wrapping paper throughout the bag.

Put nails on the sides of your closets to store hanging wreaths or seasonal decorations. I also installed an old box onto the wall to hold my glue gun, tape, and wood glue.

Use decorative tags to label bins. I made a basket for easy craft access - in it, I store the most used craft supplies for the season.

Another shot of my wreath storage.

Here are some ideas from other bloggers:

I heart organizing - I love this full door use for wrapping storage. Unfortunately, I don't have the space, but this could certainly be used for other supplies!

Inkspot Workshop - this is so cute. Perfect for those of you who don't have a lot of space to store craft supplies or are mobile.
creative craft storage vintage suitcase

Better Homes and Gardens: this is on my to-do list. I love this! So simple. Tin cans, covered in fabric, used to store office supplies. Genius.
Paint Cans Turned Organizer

Pin your home - I love this one! I hate using an entire drawer for all this crap.

Be different act normal - another one I love and have yet to try, but I think it would be helpful!

Brilliant. If you live where it's cold or chilly often, you may have 20 scarves shoved in the corner in the closet or hung around in all sorts of places. This is so smart for keeping them in one place and out of the way.

Yesterday on Tuesday
Dish Soap ReVamp - YoT #dishsoap #organizing #freeorganizing #frugalorganizing #yesterdayontuesday

I want to use this for grocery bags! Not doggy bags. But I see the appeal both ways.
DishDoggy Bag Dispenser - YoT #doggybags #petorganization #organizing #freeorganizing #frugalorganizing #yesterdayontuesday

I think this is a paper towel holder - awesome!
Bracelet Organization - YoT #jewelryorganization #braceletorganization #bathroomorganization #yesterdayontuesday


  1. Awesome ideas! I see #ChapmanU even made a cameo :-)

  2. Love the scarves!! And tin cans. Thanks pretty lady for the ideas.