Friday, March 1, 2013

Kansas Gal's Mom!

I'm switching up the order of this week's posts. Instead of follower Friday's, my mom joins us today as a guest writer! :-) Here's a picture of me and my mom:

From my mom:

"Ever since I can remember I have always loved to work on crafty stuff.  When I was young, I would constantly coerce my dad into building something I saw on television or to help me recreate an idea from a picture in a beloved book.  He could literally make anything from pieces of wood and a few tools!   And when my daughters were little girls, we always had something we were trying to build. 
Whether it was a Barbie wonderland on the front porch or a float in our driveway for a parade, the fun part was in the doing.  So, even though my dad has been gone for some time and both girls are grown, I still enjoy the “doing” of a good project. 

I found this desk at First Saturday in the West Bottoms.  

It was $80.00 and although that seems like a lot for an old desk, it was exactly what I was looking for to use as a buffet in the dining room.  Plus the owner said she would deliver the desk to my front porch.  That sealed the deal!  I sanded the desk, painted it with paint I already had, and bought pink knobs for the drawers from Hobby Lobby.  

By the way, Hobby Lobby has a wide variety of knobs always on sale for half price. 

My second project last week was a little chest of drawers that I bought at an auction for 22.50.  

I used a can of turquoise spray paint and 4 mismatched knobs for the drawers (again from Hobby Lobby).  

Basically for my efforts, I gained two awesome up-cycled pieces of furniture and had several hours of fun!"

Thanks, mom! These projects are SO cute! Now you see where I get it :-)  

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