Monday, March 4, 2013

DIY: Fabric covered cork board

A few weeks ago I ran across a great blog called Anne the Adventurer. I absolutely recommend reading her stuff - she does awesome projects and is just adorable. The project I ran across was her DIY  Chevron Bulletin Board. I had to try it.

My office area is at the front of our loft and I couldn't stand the ugly grey box that was right above my desk. I also couldn't stand how messy it was.

Before I jump into the step-by-step, I did a couple things different from Anne the Adventurer. First, I used foam board instead of plywood. Since the grey box is that thingy that you need to access in case you blow a fuse (yeah, I'm good with mechanics), I knew I needed to create something lightweight that I could take down and put back up if needed. The second thing I did differently was use hot glue instead of the wood glue. It dried instantly and I literally finished the project in a half hour. Third, I used rolled cork instead of old cork boards. Finally, I used velcro adhesives to mount the board to the wall, again so that I could pull it down and put it up easily.

We have an Americana-type feel to the front of our loft so I chose a red starred, light brown, and navy fabric. Here are the steps I followed.

1. Iron the fabric

2. Attach the rolled cork to the foam board using hot glue.

3. Line up the fabric where you want it to be on the board - mine had lines on it and I didn't want them to be crooked.

4. Drape the fabric on a clean surface (I used a stool since we have a doggie and no matter how much we vacuum her hair is EVERYWHERE). Place the foam board on top of the fabric and hot glue in place, pulling the sides tightly over the cork board.

5. Mount on the wall - like I said I used velcro adhesives.

Round-up! Here are some other bloggers who have made these types of boards:

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