Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Brooch Bouquets

A few years ago, I saw pictures of Miranda Lambert's wedding and became intrigued by the idea of making a brooch bouquet.

Isn't it adorable? After seeing more and more pictures, I fell in love with the idea and knew I wanted to use one for my own wedding. There are plenty for sale online, but I had several family jewelry pieces that I wanted to use. Every single piece incorporated was a family heirloom. Sigh. Love!

I wanted to make sure all the brooches stayed in good condition and that I could take the bouquet apart safely if necessary, so I rigged the brooches up on long pieces of wire, wove them through a white doily stiffened with fabric softener and a balloon, and then gathered the wire to create the base. I covered the base with lace ribbon and a hankie. You can kind of see the doily in the photo above behind the brooches. I forgot to take pictures while I was making it :-/ 

Brooch bouquet round-up! 

Here are some other photos to inspire you if you are thinking a brooch bouquet might be in your future:

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