Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Served On My Table Tuesday: Cauliflower Pizza Crust

It sounds and looks pretty good, right? I may have mentioned already, but we are trying to eat healthier. We have started meal planning and have seen huge savings in our wallets and bellies. So we thought we'd give this idea a shot...

...I researched a lot of recipes to make sure I had the keys to success down-pat (eggs, cauliflower, and cheese + herbs or any crazy touches you want to add). I decided I would use basil, oregano, feta cheese, cottage cheese, and mozzarella for my crust.

It wasn't terrible. I am serious, it tasted pretty good - for cauliflower - but it just wasn't for us. Neither one of us really like cauliflower anyway. We did end up eating some of it for lunches this week.

PLUS when you're craving pizza, you're craving PIZZA, not cauliflower. Sometimes it's better just to order out.

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