Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thrifty Thursday Giveaway: Coupon Challenge!

Would you like to win this gorgeous St. Patrick's Day wreath made by Kansas Gal? (DIY to be featured the end of February) Enter this week's Thrifty Thursday giveaway challenge! Read on to learn how...

Last summer I had a serious addiction to the TLC show "Extreme Couponing." I couldn't believe how near free all of their grocery purchases were! My first reaction was to call my fiance (at the time - we are married now) and ask him if we could invest in a larger apartment with storage space for my extreme coupon endeavors. But I gave myself a few minutes to digest this information and reflected on a couple of things:
  1. They have to buy ALOT of products to save near 100% on their grocery bills
  2. Most of the coupon goods are not foods I typically eat - I try to eat lots of fresh food
  3. Fresh produce are not typically included in coupon deals
These three observations led to a much more sane thought: maybe I can save a little money with coupons. Alright! I tested my weekly clippings last 4th of July (I know this entry is a bit belated) by planning my meals around my clips. 

4th of July Week Grocery List
-Johnsonville Turkey Sausage with cheddar
-whole wheat hot dog buns
-1 pound peaches
-Dole salad kit
-Baby carrots
-A1 steak sauce
-Sunbelt Banana Oat Fiber Cereal
-1 Gallon Milk
-Vegetable/Fruit Juice
-New Capri Sun Vegetable Juice (apple flavor)
-3 avacados
-1 pound chicken breast

Total (without coupons): $35.77
Total (with coupons): $28.77

Since then, my husband and I have tried to use coupons to at least inform partially our meal planning and to save some money on groceries and essentials. It would be interested to track how much we save from now on...I think we will do that! OKAY!!! Here we go!


Steps to enter:
2. Share this post Facebook or Twitter
3. Clip coupons and go grocery shopping sometime before Thursday 2/14 - Valentine's Day - and share your savings with us in a comment on this post! 

A winner will be drawn at random, announced Sunday February 17.


  1. So I did my grocery shopping today and had 5 coipons in the amount of $4.70 savings and earned all that! I also received .08 cents per gallon in gas. And one more thing I did! I ha e an app called ibotta which is a money saving app and like coupons! I put it on my fb page so if you are my friend go to my page or even if your not ask me to be your friend. Kara jursich. They put specials up on a regular basis. If you buy what they have on special you take a pic of the receipt thru the app then scan the barcode and submit what u have. I saved $3 with it today. So my total savings today was $7.70 plus .08 cents per gallon! Pretty goos if ya ask me!

  2. I didn't coupon, but I did MAJORLY save at the Thrift Store:

    15 tops, 1 pair of heels, and a purse for 46.00.

    I won't say all the savings, but here are the savings details for a few.

    Madden Girl Shaye Booties
    Retail: $40 - $50
    My Thrift store price: $3.99

    Forever 21 Boat Neck blue stripe T
    Retail: $12.00
    Thrift Store Price: $1.00

    Banana Republic Denim Button Up
    Retail: $79.50
    Thrift Store Price: $4.39

    An easy savings of over $100.00 and only on 3 of 17 items :D