Monday, March 25, 2013

Hey, I think I could make that!

I sort of randomly decided I would start making my own clothes. I was getting new tires and wasting some time at JoAnne's fabric - wait - excuse me, I never WASTE time at JoAnne's, it is always time well-spent. Okay, I was spending some quality time with my friend JoAnne and saw this gorgeous blue 100% cotton apparel fabric.

I found myself picturing the fabric as a dress and I just dove in. Before I knew it, I was at the cutting counter getting a couple yards and browsing the patterns. I used a basic a-line pattern and tweeked a few things (like the width of the shoulders and length from the natural waist - I think my changes made it a bit more young-looking). Here is the finished product with a belt:

And here it is without the belt - I know it looks huge on the hanger, but it looks pretty adorable even without the belt.

If you like what you see, I am selling the dress online in a variety of sizes on my etsy store.


  1. Your etsy link embedded in the post doesn't work. The url says "your shop" so it may be the link for you when logged in. Love the dress!

  2. have all we need is summer and am sure your dresses will sell...went to your Etsy shop and favorite it...will see all your new creations....stop by my shop...

    and thanks for joining Creativity on Google+

    have a great day...